Mike Adams and Stu Burgh Founded in 2011, Auto Antlers is the result of car guys and outdoors men coming together in the most sacred ritual of sharing brewskies in the garage. As you can imagine, when the brew is flowing, it doesn’t take long for guys like us to start having a good time. That good time turned into a single glorious moment when a staggering buddy picked up a set of headers laying around and held them up to his head, in that moment, Auto Antlers were born.

From that day forward, the goal of bringing Auto Antlers to the masses has been our mission! No longer will guys or gals be left with the dismal choices currently available in the world of automotive décor. No longer will men have to make do with the standard tie and coffee mug as gift choices! Auto Antlers changes all that by offering the perfect gift!

Auto Antlers WeldingWhile we started small, we have continually grown and now offer 6 different Auto Antlers for you to choose from. We’re just a couple years old but growing quickly and becoming more and more ingrained in the automotive world with each passing day.

Be a part of that growth and help us put a set of Auto Antlers in the hands of outdoors men and automotive aficionados across the nation!